Turbinate Reduction Surgery

Painless in-office reduction without the need to go to the operating room

The turbinates are long and narrow tissue with bone inside that protrude into the nasal cavity and when enlarged can obstruct the breathing passage of the nose. Their function is to clean and humidify air as it travels through your nose filtering dirt, pollen, dust and other irritants before they enter your lungs. Turbinate reduction reduces the overall size of the turbinates while still preserving function, breathing and air humidification.

Sometimes allergies, or other sinus related issues, can cause the turbinates to become enlarged and obstruct the nasal airway. Once this happens, the turbinates can obstruct breathing and cause any of the following symptoms, ranging from mild to severe.

  • Sneezing
  • Congestion
  • Headaches
  • Frequent Sinus Infections
  • Sleep Apnea


Dr. Michael Bublik's offices are conveniently located in Beverly Hills and Glendale CA. If you suffer from any symptoms, schedule an appointment to be examined. A surgical procedure may be necessary if these complications cannot be resolved with medication. In office turbinate reduction surgery is a quick, nearly painless, and repairs functionality of the turbinates to bring you comfort and relief.

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